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We help deliver on your goals by empowering your performance. In fact, we’ll help you audit, verify, and sustain results for years to come.

Continuous Improvement/Lean Management & Manufacturing

We don’t believe in “standard templates.” Every situation is unique, every operation different. Process improvement starts with digging into what truly makes your company tick.  ​Working hands-on with operation and production teams, we help improve utilization of your space, equipment and process flow. We use a variety of techniques suited for you including cellular manufacturing, Six Sigma/Lean techniques, Quality-at-the-Source concepts, quick changeover methods, Houlihan Labor methods, and much more.  We improve planning and batching methods and bring discipline to the process flow, develop metrics, and improve your communication control.  What a Houlihan method; it was developed for the components market at Imperial Components; we were raised on it, you don't need to look further for copycat methods.

Business Services

Key industry experience and operational knowledge are essential in providing you consulting services that you can leverage on immediately.  Our team is the only team in the industry with progressive experience in all areas of lumber and component operations including ownership of several manufacturing companies.  Whether you need turnaround assistance, new growth, new operations, management training or assistance, or need to bounce your ideas off someone, you can count on our team to provide you with the service you need.

Business Analytics / Metrics

Manufacturers who have a handle on their analytics/metrics are better positioned to prevent errors and more efficiently resolve ones that do occur.  As a result, by having a handle on your metrics, you increase potential to increase efficiency and resulting gross margin.  We work with you to maximize the Operations Software (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) provided by your plate manufacturer ensuring youhave the right metrics set up.  We provide resources, Time & Motion Studies, etc. with up-to-date/live information not numbers we skim off the internet or videos.  We make sure you are maximizing the technology you have (Smart Manufacturing) with the right analytics tied to your P&L.

"Boots on the Ground" Coaching & Mentoring of your Team

We provide coaching in real-time, not in the conference room; our coaching is based on actual experience.  We work with your entire team, Manager, Supervisors and Associates; we really enjoy mentoring young people in our industry.  We love to roll up our sleeves, "play in the saw dust" and actually train/teach your team in the office, out on the production floor or in the yard.  We help companies develop a genuine production and operational culture that sets and helps meet high expectations for performance, quality, engagement and respect.