Expert Component and LBM Consulting

business ANALYSIS

We  help you understand KPI's and other Business analysis to help you make solid decisions.

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We provide "Boots on the Ground" training to your team, in the office, plant, yard or out in the field.  We are experts in training managers and supervisors.

LEan Manufacturing

We provide Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, analysis and training so your operation can succeed.

Business SUPPORT

We provide expertise for new businesses, product development, business expansions, business turnaround and much more.

Wood may be in our blood, but we serve several different industries

                            “Businesses often express some                                       concern for the value of a consultant’s                             advice.  With 4Ward Consulting Group                             their clients experience the benefit of over 50 years of service and success dedicated to the building component industry.  Along with many of their clients, I have found total confidence in the focused, time-proven, advice delivered by Ben Hershey.  Built on first-hand knowledge in every segment of operating a profitable component manufacturing business there is no better source of consulting available in our industry.”

- Jay Halteman, President, Wood Truss Systems, LLC

4Ward Consulting Group


We're roll-up-our-sleeves operations management consultants. Sure we're great in the classroom, but we prefer to get in there and work side-by-side with your team, whether it's in the front office, back office or right out on the production floor.

We'll be there before, during and after the project to provide recommendations and help with implementation.

We transfer our knowledge. We train your employees. We make sure your results are sustainable.

Because after 30 years of experience, we know that's the only way to empower performance.